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Part 1 – Top Ten Tips To Getting More Web Video Views

Everyone wants to know… How do I get more people to watch my videos? Well, here’s some answers for you. On today’s Daily Flip, I convinced video expert Jake Ludington of to give his top ten secrets to getting more views on your videos.

Whether you want more views on your blog, or on YouTube, or wherever, Jake’s tips work, and will give you the knowledge you need as a new video producer to climb your way to stardom in the world of online video. Watch this blog for Part II where Jake will give his final five tips. Subscribe to be notified!

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Jake Ludington helps over 500,000 people answer their video and audio questions every month. From detailed tutorials on complicated video editing scenarios to finding useful tools for isolated problems, Jake provides ongoing research on the best methods for making Internet delivered video.

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Forget Press Releases… The Video News Release Is Coming

With the ever advancing world of online video comes the next generation of the press release. The video news release, or VNR.

With Social Media Releases (New Media Releases) in the spotlight again, I felt this was the ideal timing to introduce you to the Video News Release (VNR) redux. Ready or not, start brushing up on flash, screencasting, video production, and video networks.

Online video is the next frontier for the communications industry adding a new layer of engagement to any existing PR, marketing and web initiative. In my opinion social media has reinvented the VNR, putting the power of creation and distribution in the hands of those with a camera, PC, and a broadband connection – well, and a little marketing savvy and an understanding of the pains and needs of the people they’re trying to reach…

What the social media press release is to traditional releases, amateur video, screencasts, and demos are to traditional video news releases (VNRs).

Here’s a great example. One that I find much more interesting than a written news release. But then again, I’m a visual thinker.