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Can The iphone 3G Do Video After All?

On this week’s “Video Ninjas” over at, Steve and I talk about how the iphone 3g “could” still be able to do video. For details give a listen to the podcast below. 1938media seems to think Steve Jobs could have turned it on if he wanted. We tend to agree.

Update: It looks like video is coming to the iphone.

video ninjas

We also do some chatting about and how it’s beginning to kick some serious butt. I wonder why other competitors aren’t popping up against Youtube using the Hulu model.

Overall, this is our longest show to date coming in at just over 30 minutes.


Why Does YouTube Hate Business Content?

I do a weekly podcast called “Video Ninjas” over at with my friend Steve Rosenbaum who owns I think you might like the show so I’ve included our latest podcast below. The show is all about the business of online video. Trends, business models, stats, etc…

video ninjas

In this week’s show Steve gets me all fired up about how there is no real “place” for business or marketing videos on YouTube. It’s true. YouTube doesn’t want our content (business/marketing) it seems. They want music videos and skateboarding videos. Fine.

But why not have a business section that’s walled off from that content? Steve really got me going in this episode. I think you’ll enjoy this show and future shows. Subscribe over at

Oh yeah, I forget to mention how Steve coins the term “promiscuous posting”, which means posting your videos to multiple sites using Tubemogul. Give Steve credit for that if you ever see it used. Love it.


Learn How To Master Making Online Videos With Tim Carter

Tune in today at 4pm, est, to hear Steve and I speak to none other than the video master Tim Carter of

Tim is not only a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, but he is also the owner and creator of one of the Internet’s biggest and wildly successful niche publishing portals focusing on the “do it yourself” world of home improvement, etc…

Why have Tim on a show about videos? Because Tim is leading the way in developing high-quality video how-to tips and commercials that are spreading across the globe helping the world solve problems. On average, Tim creates about 3 videos per day.

Here’s a sample.

Tune in today at 4pm live at to learn more about how you can get started doing video yourself.

Also, be sure to visit our video channel at

Video Ninjas Show #2

Steve and I handled our second show this week, live on Steve did the show live from a park in downtown San Francisco. What you may not know is that Steve and I do the show through Skype, using headsets, piped directly into the studio. Sounds pretty good!

Video Ninjas

Listen to the show archive here.

This week we talked about a myriad of online video topics. Including YouTube now showing thumbnails in widescreen, or 16:9 format. We also talked briefly about Microsoft Silverlight. The second half of the show we delved into the psychology of videos, in relation to the Mike Vick story (dog fighting). Go to to see some of the videos we’re talking about. Also, check out the Michael Vick channel we setup after the show.

Overall, a great show for our second effort. We’re looking for guests, so email us at if you want to be on the show, or you have a video related product you’d like us to take a look at.

Remember, you can listen live every Tuesday at 4pm, or just grab the feed and listen when you want to.

Video Ninjas Radio Show – Tuesdays, 4pm, Live!

Tune in Tuesdays at 4pm to listen to a new online radio show hosted by myself and Steve Rosenbaum, CEO of The show is called Video Ninjas. and is running on Webmaster

Video Ninjas

Steve and I will be talking about the world of online videos for a half hour every week, live. You can see our promo site live at VideoNinjas.TV.

Sometimes we will have guests, but mostly we’ll be chatting about tools, trends and anything else related to the world of doing videos online.

Should be a lot of fun. We hope you will tune in. Remember, every Tuesday at 4pm on Webmaster Radio. You will able to listen to the archive of the show after the show. Subscribe to my feed here and I’ll keep you informed about each show every week.

Here’s a sneak peek of our show opening theme music (mp3), put together by the creative folks at the station.

Note: No offense to any real ninjas out there. I know better than to cheese off a ninja.