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Part 1 – Top Ten Tips To Getting More Web Video Views

Everyone wants to know… How do I get more people to watch my videos? Well, here’s some answers for you. On today’s Daily Flip, I convinced video expert Jake Ludington of JakeLudington.com to give his top ten secrets to getting more views on your videos.

Whether you want more views on your blog, or on YouTube, or wherever, Jake’s tips work, and will give you the knowledge you need as a new video producer to climb your way to stardom in the world of online video. Watch this blog for Part II where Jake will give his final five tips. Subscribe to be notified!

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Jake Ludington helps over 500,000 people answer their video and audio questions every month. From detailed tutorials on complicated video editing scenarios to finding useful tools for isolated problems, Jake provides ongoing research on the best methods for making Internet delivered video.

Also watch at:
YouTube, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Blip.tv and Veoh

Video Blogging Tips From Steve Garfield

Ready to learn how to start video blogging? Want some tips and tricks for your new vlogging efforts? I interviewed Steve Garfield, a video blogging entrepreneur and online video mastermind who gives some excellent advice for you on how to start your new video blog.

By the way, did you know that Steve is really awesome?

YouTube link: How To Be A Good Video Blogger?.

Also watch at:
YouTube, Yahoo, Metacafe, Google, Revver, DailyMotion, Blip.tv and Veoh

TheDailyFlip.com is a web show about online marketing and being an entrepreneur. Jim Kukral is an award-winning and long-time blogger, as well as speaker, writer, online marketer and web entrepreneur. You can read more about Jim Kukral here.

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Jim Kukral Is Now Available For Online Marketing Consulting Gigs In Cleveland & Beyond

The video below pretty much explains it all. Essentially, some things have changed in my job status and responsibilities, so I’m now open to go out and do what I love to do, which is to help people and businesses be successful online through use of creative online marketing techniques.

I’m based in Cleveland, Ohio, so if you’re a small business out there, or an individual who’s looking to get online, or take your brand online, and do it right, so that it makes sense, give me a ring at 216.272.4383.

Enjoy the short video!

I Invented Something Today: Vlog-terviews

Check out my first vlog-terview over at my ReveNews blog. It’s a video blog interview with Loren Feldman of 1938media.com.

I’m inventing, I think, a new form of online interview that I’m calling “Vlog-terviews”. Get it? “Vlogs” (video blogs) plus “Interviews”. Ok, maybe it needs a new name, I’ll work on it. A Vlog-terview is when you interview someone by sending them questions and asking them to respond via video. (Note: i was going to lead into the Vlog-terview with my own video, but my camera decided to get the flu today).

For my first Vlog-terview, I enlisted the help of Loren Feldman of 1938media.com, who if you haven’t seen his vlog yet, you should really go check it out. Loren is pushing the boundaries of entertaining (mostly) online social media through his vlog. He is a prime example of how easy it really is to make a name for youself very quickly using new web techniques. It also helps that he’s funny, sometimes.

I asked Loren 5 simple questions, and got back 5, slightly snarky, simple answers. What did I expect eh? All in all, there’s not much meat to this first Vlog-terview, but hey, it’s the first one. Thanks for being my first Loren, I’ll always remember you. :o By the way Loren, it’s pronounced “koo-kral”.