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Serious Online Entrepreneurs Should Not Opt For Cheap Web Hosting

99% of my domains are on my own dedicated RackSpace box, somewhere in Texas. I love RackSpace, and I love having my own dedicated box that nobody can mess with. (Read more about me and RackSpace here).

But, from time-to-time, I have to host some of my sites at other webhosts just because. For example, I recently bought a site that was built on Ruby on Rails, and my server wasn’t setup to run that application. So I chose a webhost that charges me $6.95 to host that site per month. It’s on a shared box.

I just noticed the other day that the site in question was down and not working. I filled out a support ticket and get a snarky answer that went something like this.

Well, you didn’t mention when the site when down, so we can’t help you. Go to this link and read up about upgrades.

So I went to the link, and it was full of technical junk that is way above my head. So I responded to support.

Can’t you just tell me what’s wrong? I realize I only pay $7.00 a month for hosting, but a little help here?

Their response…

If you’re not a developer, you’re going to have to find someone to figure it out. We most likely upgraded our Ruby application on your shared server and it could have broken your site. Sorry, we can’t help you.

Let me tell you. If you are in the business of doing business online, there is no way you can be successful working with a webhost like that. Cut the cord on your hosting issues and get a free quote from RackSpace.

Another Reason I Love Rackspace Web Hosting

You already know I love Rackspace web hosting, even though I pay too much for it. Here’s just another reason why I love them so much. I wake up this morning and see two support tickets, created by them overnight while I slept. The first one said something like…


Rackspace said: 2007-09-16 18:03:30 (UTC-4)


This is to notify you that server #XXXXX appeared in our Rackwatch monitoring system for the following service(s):


Then, the second ticket said…

Rackspace said: 2007-09-16 19:04:05 (UTC-4)


This is to notify you that server #XXXXX issues that occurred earlier this morning have been resolved. It appears that your server spiked in load earlier this morning and again during this alarm. During this spike the server ran out of memory and hung, requiring a power cycle.

Summary: They monitored an issue, notified me about it, then fixed it on their own and again told me about it… all while I slept. No downtime.

Get a quote, it’s a no brainer. I’ve got 100 stories like this. Or contact me and I can chat with you about it anytime you like.

Rackspace Hosting Costs A Lot, But It’s Worth It!

I pay too much for hosting. Why pay so much? Because if you’re a serious online business, it’s worth it to have a host that is simply the best. I’ve been hosting with a company called Rackspace for close to 4-years now, and I can tell you without a doubt that it has been an amazing experience.

Rackspace Hosting Coupon

Recently Rackspace made me a preferred solution partner. What does that mean?

It means that I can offer anyone who signs up with them some nice deals.

All you have to do is use this form on their site, or email me and I’ll give you the right person to contact for your free estimate.

Happy hosting! Not sure? Call me, let’s discuss. 1-888-BLOG-BIZ.