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Do You Know How To Make An Amazing “About” Page?

My Cleveland friend Anita Campbell, who is also the super small business guru over at SMBtrends.com, recently interviewed me for a piece she was writing about “About pages” for INC Magazine. The finished piece went live today on the Internet at INC.com. entitled ‘About Your Website’s “About” Page‘.

So, Do You Know The Keys To A Good About Page?


The “About” page — also known as the “About Us” page — is one of the most clicked-on webpages on a business website. It’s right up there after the home page. Yet some website owners pass up opportunities to write killer About pages that will help sell services and products, and turn one-time visitors into newsletter subscribers or regular readers.

It’s a good piece, on a topic that I think a lot of people don’t really consider when building their websites and now blogs.

Gotta love the direct link from Inc.com to my blog too eh? :)

Is Your Shopping Cart & Ecommerce Site The Best It Can Be?

MarketingSherpa’s 2007 Ecommerce Study was published today and distributed via email with a pdf download. There are, of course, some pretty interesting results included in the report. I’ve detailed a few of my favorites that will hopefully help you out.

Click here to buy the full report.

If you’re in the business of affiliate marketing, as either an affiliate or merchant, this benchmark guide should be of particular interest to you.


Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates Dropped 7.7% From 2006 To 2007

That’s a drop from an abandonment rate of 59.8% to 52.1%. According to the report, the tremendous shift came about because of marketers taking over cart design from the tech team. Why you would let your tech team design your shopping cart, I have no idea.

Tip: Mix Your Promotional Offers In Your Transactional & Receipt Emails

The report tells that “consumers are far more likely to open transactional emails from you, like shipping and receipts”. So why not start adding your promotional items and cross-sells into those emails? Just be carefule and don’t push too hard.

Consumers Prefer Sites With Reviews


58% of consumers “strongly” prefer sites that have customer reviews. Think about it, don’t you like to read more about the product you want to buy? Don’t you want to hear what others have to say as long as you feel they are reputable? So what’s stopping your ecom site from adding reviews?

I demo’d a neat review product last fall at a trade show called ProductReviews. It might be worth a look.

What Do Consumers Do When They First Visit Your Ecommerce Site?

According to the report, 27% go straight for the search box and type a product name in, while 23% go directly to click on a product category link on the home page. What does that tell you? Get those search boxes up high and label your categories well.

Help Me Fix My Blog Template In Firefox?

I got a nice note from a concerned css guru tonight letting me know that my template was all messed up in FF. I use the Akon template, but I tried to customize it a lot, and I guess I messed up the stylesheet in the process, specifically I see a massive breakdown on the sidebar.

Anyone have any clue and can help me fix it? I admit, I am not a css guru. I learned html before tables came out over ten years ago, and as of about 5-years ago, I gave up trying to stay up on the new stuff.

If you can help me fix it, I’ve got a bunch of free Awesome Million signups for you to have as a reward. It’s not much, but hey, it’s fun.

Disney.com Shopping, So Easy My 5-Year-Old Can Shop There

I know, I know, it’s stupid to leave my 5-year-old with a live Internet connection on her little game pc setup in my office. But to my defense, I am always in the same room when she’s on the computer, and I usually have the wireless disconnected so she can’t surf the big bad web.

princess_towel.jpgHowever, the other day I found myself watching in amazement as my 5-year-old was surfing through the games at Disney.com, and how the Disney website successfully integrated products directly into their web interface.

The result? My daughter ended up adding 2 items she wanted to buy into her shopping cart, then proceeded to tell me that “she was ready to buy”. She doesn’t even read yet.

Yep, my 5-year-old had her first online shopping experience, courtesy of Cinderella. And shortly after, I had $23.00 less on my credit card after ordering it for her.

Now that’s how you build an ecommerce website.

Want To Be As Good As Disney? Copy Them!

Look, the reason Disney can charge so much for a waffle at Disneyworld is because they know they can, and, because they’ve researched it. If they didn’t think they could get away with it, they wouldn’t, and that’s why they constantly test.

The point is, when looking to improve on something, always, always go look at the big players. These gigantic brands have spent millions and millions of dollars testing things like shopping carts, web navigation and everything else. So I say, go and copy them. It’s obvious they know what they’re doing.

What, you have a few million laying around to run your own shopping cart usability tests?