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OnlineVideoToolkit 2.0 Is Coming, Need Your Questions

What’s the #1 question you have about creating, editing or marketing Web video? I’m asking you to tell me because I’m trying to decide how to focus the 2.0 version of OnlineVideoToolkit.com. Yep, I’m upgrading it, and it will still be free! Thousands of people have enjoyed it so far and now it’s time to help thousands more!

So, go here and ask me the question you most want to know about Web video. I’ll answer your questions live on the preview call next Friday. If you can’t make the call, don’t worry, I’ll send you the recording if you sign up.

What’s the #1 question you have about creating, editing or marketing Web video? Ask me right now.

OnlineVideoToolkit.com Is Live – Win My Flip Camera

In this world, you have to give to get back. So when I started getting about 10 emails a day asking me how I make my web videos, I had two options.

1. Create a guide about how I do it and sell it for profit. Or…
2. Create a guide about how I do it and just give the darn thing away, for free.

I choose the free route. Introducing, OnlineVideoToolkit.com. A free video guide that shows you everything I know about making web videos using inexpensive equipment. I produced about 10 videos showing you all my secrets about lighting, set design, cameras to buy, clothing tips, sound, etc… It’s all there, with more to come.

I even have a contest for the launch. Want to win my Flip camera? Watch the video below. Note: The dates have been extended on this video, you have plenty of time to enter, don’t worry about it.

I hope you enjoy it!

Online Video, Quality Of Content Is Most Important

When producing online videos, remember that it’s not the quality of the video you’re producing, but rather, the quality of the content you’re producing. Your viewers care about one thing, and that is getting helpful or fun information from your videos.

Stop worrying about the equipment you need or don’t need to make good videos, and start thinking about what your viewers expect, which is good quality information, regardless of video quality. Then start making videos!

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Web Video Advertising – How Much Does It Cost?

Daisy Whitney wrote a very nice article at WebVideoReport.com about costs associated with running video ads, or ads on video on some big sites.

She looked at ad-rates and ad options for a few sites, including the Wall Street Journal, YouTube, Metacafe, MySpace and a few others.

Summary: Get your your wallet and open wide. YouTube won’t even talk to you unless you’re going to spend $50k.

The company said on its site: “Currently you can apply to advertise directly with YouTube if you’re willing to spend a minimum of $50K and you’re interested in running a large branded campaign. This advertising option requires an authorized contract or purchase order with YouTube, and ads are served on a reservation-purchase basis, rather than the AdWords auction model.”

Other sites like MySpace will give you a lower CPM ($25), but I’m sure they also have a minimum buy.

What she didn’t cover is that you will also have other costs like someone to serve your video like Doubleclick or Eyeblaster, who usually charge anywhere from $2.00-$5.00 CPM. You also have the costs of having a web video produced, etc… No, it’s not cheap, but video works.

Great guide though. Check it out.

Want Something Reviewed On The Daily Flip?

My new daily webshow called The Daily Flip begins airing next week. Here’s a page that talks more about what the show is going to be.

The Daily Flip

The Daily Flip will be short, daily videos that focus on the world I live and play in online. Things like…

* Online marketing news & analysis
* Reviews of books, websites, software, tools, etc…
* Rants
* Definitions of common industry terms
* Whatever else I can think of

I’ve already scripted out the first 20 or so shows, but I’m looking for more things to review or talk about. Want me to review your website, or service, or whatever on the show? Just contact me with your idea.