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Webinar: Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, and Landing Pages Using WordPress

Update: Use this link and coupon code “DBF6” minus the quotes for 20% off the all their themes!

I’d like to invite you to a totally free Webinar I’m doing with the guys over at Unique Blog Designs entitled “Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, and Landing Pages Using WordPress”. Register here. It’s on April 29th at 9pm est (6pm pst).

One of the biggest issues I have with WordPress is that once you lock yourself into a theme, you’re kind of stuck. I’ve always wanted a way to be able to make a custom landing page, or sales letter page or a squeeze type page, but like I said, you’re limited to the theme. They also have a very cool Affiliate theme we’ll probably talk about as well. Here’s more info on their stuff if you want to check it out (affiliate link).

The UBD guys have a few products that can do exactly what I just explained. It’s really good stuff. Hoping you can come to the event and check it out. I know it will help you as it did me.

Win A WPUnlimited Professional WordPress Theme

Just recently I’ve updated my blog theme to the WPUnlimted theme, which I really like. It’s a powerful, professional, modern type of theme that is in the new wave of wordpress themes that “do it all for you” without having to know how to code.

The people who created that theme have given me 10 free copies to give away to you, my loyal readers. So for next week, I’m going to give 5 of those away ($60 value each!). Here’s how to enter to win.


First, you must become an affiliate for the theme by visiting here and signing up (it’s free). The good news is once you do you can promote the theme and earn 40% for all sales you make of it.

Second, you need to send out a Tweet that sends them to this post. Something like (include hashtag #wpunlimited so I can track entries):

@jimkukral is giving away 5 brand new WPUnlimited professional WordPress themes. Enter yourself at http://www.jimkukral.com/win-a-wpunlimited-wordpress-professional-theme #wpunlimited

That’s it. I’ll pick the winners at the end of next week and announce it here on my blog.

My Favorite WordPress Themes & Resources

“What are your favorite WordPress themes Jim?” or “Do you know where I can get WordPress help?” I must get asked these questions every single day. And I keep building a list from my bookmarks over and over again with the answers. So… I finally wised up and have decided to make it a blog post.

Here are my favorite free, and paid WordPress themes and resources. Note: Some of these are affiliate links, some are not. Enjoy! If I missed any really good ones, leave a comment.

Jim’s #1 Recommendation Is PageLines (click for demo)!

PageLines CMS WordPress Themes

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Coummunity

5 Awesome Designs That Need To Be Made Into WordPress Themes

Smashingmagazine.com is amazing. They often post up truly amazing web designs they find for us to see. For example, check out this list of 45 Fresh, Clean and Impressive Designs. Then they have another list, 60 Elegant and Visually Appealing Designs.

Awesome, awesome stuff. These designs are amazing, and they need to be made into WordPress themes, because as I’ve said before, 99.5% of the WordPress themes (the free ones) out there suck.

No offense to the designers that do them, but let’s be honest, they are not as good as the designs shown in the list above and the ones I’ve featured below.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of the top 10 awesome designs I’ve found that someone (or multiple people) need to turn into WordPress themes. Note: I’m not saying steal these designs. I’m trying to illustrate the type (quality) of designs that need to be made. Stop making them so basic. Get creative.

#1 – The Big Noob


#2 – Kodomedia


#3 – MethodArts


#4 – Rikcat


#5 – Vivabit


Got any more you want to add to this list? Leave a comment.

99.5 Percent Of All WordPress Themes Suck

I hate my theme now (dated May 11, 2007). It’s my own custom work based on Akon. So i don’t blame Akon really… I blame me for my customization. It was meant to be temporary.


Being a former website designer, I often go through this dilemma. I like something at first, then hate it two months later. And I’m picky too. I look around at all the free wordpress themes out there and they suck. Only a select few are really unique and highly customizable. And those few are VERY hard to find.

I should just drop the $3-5k to have my own custom design done, but I’m not ready to. So yeah, it’s my fault for being cheap when I could just be like Yaro and go custom and be bad-ass.

Anyone have any themes that you care to share that you love? White space is a huge factor.

I think I might just go super minimal and work up slowly.

Help Me Fix My Blog Template In Firefox?

I got a nice note from a concerned css guru tonight letting me know that my template was all messed up in FF. I use the Akon template, but I tried to customize it a lot, and I guess I messed up the stylesheet in the process, specifically I see a massive breakdown on the sidebar.

Anyone have any clue and can help me fix it? I admit, I am not a css guru. I learned html before tables came out over ten years ago, and as of about 5-years ago, I gave up trying to stay up on the new stuff.

If you can help me fix it, I’ve got a bunch of free Awesome Million signups for you to have as a reward. It’s not much, but hey, it’s fun.