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Food Not The Only Thing Being Consumed At Lunch – Online Videos

According to the NyTimes, many workers are opting to not go out for lunch, but to instead sit in their office and watch online videos.

In cubicles across the country, lunchtime has become the new prime time, as workers click aside their spreadsheets to watch videos on YouTube, news highlights on or other Web offerings.

The trend — part of a broader phenomenon known as video snacking — is turning into a growth business for news and media companies, which are feeding the lunch crowd more fresh content.

In some offices, workers coordinate their midday Web-watching schedules, the better to shout out punch lines to one another across rows of desks. Some people gravitate to sites where they can reliably find Webcasts of a certain length — say, a three-minute political wrap-up — to minimize both their mouse clicks and the sandwich crumbs that wind up in the keyboard.

“Go take a walk around your office” at lunchtime, said Alan Wurtzel, head of research for NBC. “Out of 20 people, I’m going to guarantee that 5 are going to be on some sort of site that is not work-related.”

This is exactly why I’m going to try and keep each new Daily Flip show to about 2 minutes or less if I can.

Here’s another tidbit I found interesting from the article. Bold is mine.

From an advertiser’s perspective, the Web is a more flexible medium than television, because technology makes it easy to monitor people’s behavior and adjust programming accordingly. Better still, marketers have found that consumers are up to 30 percent more likely to make a purchase after viewing an advertisement at lunchtime than at other times of the day.

Wow. Unless your company is blocking your YouTube eh?

YouTube Clone Scripts: Make Your Own YouTube

If you do a search on Google for “youtube clone“, you get a ton of results of, well, YouTube clone scripts. They range from $27, to $100 and more. But which one is actually the best?

Have you researched this? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I’m looking to find the best of the best.

Why do I want a YouTube clone script? I don’t really. I just wanted to see what was out there. However, I can see value in the possibility of building my own niche video network, can’t you? :)

Here’s a few I found…

Bobblehead’s & Videos You Need To Watch

Dwight Schrute has one, why can’t I? I love the Internets. You can order all kinds of crazy things you previously wouldn’t have known about.

Someone buy me one? Visit

Also, check out this video. Well done. YouTube is my life! Hat tip Nalts.

Found this great site tonight as well. Great concept, great execution.

There’s so much fun stuff out there to see. I need to start exploring more online, that’s for sure. Enjoy, I am.

YouTube Is The Fast Food Of Online Video Viewers

YouTube’s year-end video roundup is out. One thing is for sure, when you look at the top videos…

It’s pretty obvious that people use YouTube to watch videos about pop culture, music, celebrities and other “bubble gum” content. YouTube is like fast food for online video viewers.

SAN BRUNO, CA — (MARKET WIRE) — 12/27/07 — YouTube, the leading online video community that allows people to discover, watch and share originally created videos, today announced the 2007 YouTube Year End Video Roundup. “This year, YouTube and its users were at the forefront of politics, music, entertainment and more,” said Jamie Byrne, Head of Product Marketing for YouTube. “Every day new videos are created, uploaded, discovered and popularized through the site and the videos in our year end roundup are just some of the ones that made their way into conversations both at work and at home.”

I must admit though, if you haven’t seen this video, well, just watch it.

Online Video: The Future Of Media Statements

This (see video below), my friends, is the future of making announcements or statements. There’s simply no better way to reach the world (potentially) without buying ads on TV, costing you millions of dollars.

Caught this over from 901am. Roger Clemens issues denial via YouTube.

It’s pretty easy too. Get a camera, record a video, and upload to YouTube, or your friendly video sharing site of choice. Put video on your blog and call a few journalists or send a press release. Done, easy.

YouTube Should Have Dumped Perez Hilton A Long Time Ago

So Perez Hilton is taking his videos off of YouTube after being slighted about a copyright violation. Heck, I don’t blame him. He only made about $5k from 25 million video views? I’d leave to. But that story is boring. Fine, take down your videos. Here’s his pissy YouTube video. Feh, so entertaining?

Let’s talk about his videos, because they’re crap. YouTube should have dumped them off their network a long time ago, yet, they didn’t. The question is… why?

Because YouTube is still trying to figure out what they are. On one hand they want all the juicy celebrity copyright infringed stuff, and on the other hand, they don’t. It’s time to decide GooTube.

I’ve been wanting YouTube to launch a business type channel for a long time, yet I don’t see any word about that. Where’s the love for the professionals’ Tubers?

I realize that the vast majority of your viewers want to see Britney crotch videos, but c’mon, let’s get it together, the rest of the professional world does not. It’s almost as if I feel dirty uploading video to YouTube that is somewhat professionally produced and is good quality video.

It’s time for YouTube to decide. Are you going to cater to the Perez Hilton’s of the world forever? I hope not, because I expect more. Or is it just me?

Web Video Advertising – How Much Does It Cost?

Daisy Whitney wrote a very nice article at about costs associated with running video ads, or ads on video on some big sites.

She looked at ad-rates and ad options for a few sites, including the Wall Street Journal, YouTube, Metacafe, MySpace and a few others.

Summary: Get your your wallet and open wide. YouTube won’t even talk to you unless you’re going to spend $50k.

The company said on its site: “Currently you can apply to advertise directly with YouTube if you’re willing to spend a minimum of $50K and you’re interested in running a large branded campaign. This advertising option requires an authorized contract or purchase order with YouTube, and ads are served on a reservation-purchase basis, rather than the AdWords auction model.”

Other sites like MySpace will give you a lower CPM ($25), but I’m sure they also have a minimum buy.

What she didn’t cover is that you will also have other costs like someone to serve your video like Doubleclick or Eyeblaster, who usually charge anywhere from $2.00-$5.00 CPM. You also have the costs of having a web video produced, etc… No, it’s not cheap, but video works.

Great guide though. Check it out.

Five Reasons You Aren’t Watching Internet Video On Your TV… Yet

The Wall Street Journal came up with five reasons that nobody is watching internet video on their TV’s.

Read this chart. Nuff said?

Don’t confuse this. People ARE watching online videos, just not on their TV sets.

In August, Internet users in the U.S. viewed 9.13 billion online videos, up 26% from 7.24 billion in January, estimates research firm comScore Inc.

Here are the five reasons they give.

THE PROBLEM: Too Many Boxes

Let’s start with one of the most basic problems: clutter. Consumers simply don’t want to add a new box to their home-entertainment centers. Consumers made exceptions, of course, for DVD players and VCRs. But the benefits of stand-alone Internet video players have been too weak to make people clear space in their homes.

Agreed. I’m out of space, and I only have the bare essentials. Even my DVD player is a combo VCR/DVD unit.

THE PROBLEM: Too Complicated

Besides the hassles of getting Internet video players hooked up to television sets, most of them also need to be configured to connect to the Internet over a wired or wireless home network. And that process can be daunting.

Couldn’t agree more, and I’m really good at this stuff. I can’t put drywall up or fix my garbage disposal, but for some reason I’m really apt at working with the cables behind my entertainment system. And sometimes even I get confused. Can’t imagine how a person who has no clue feels.

THE PROBLEM: Sticker Shock

Compared with other methods of getting entertainment, Internet video devices are often pricey. The movie box from Vudu Inc., of Santa Clara, Calif., costs $399 and Apple TV starts at $299, hundreds of dollars more than a DVD player. TiVos sell for as low as $100, but users must subscribe to a service that costs between $8.31 and $12.95 a month, plus rental or purchase fees for downloading videos from Amazon.

Steve and I talked about this today on the Video Ninjas radio show. Steve was echoing the thoughts that Tivo priced themselves out of a market share. I agree.

THE PROBLEM: Limited Selection

Today, most Internet video players are tightly linked with the hardware makers’ own online video service or those they’ve cut deals with. Selection isn’t comprehensive on most of these services, limiting their appeal. Often, the services don’t have deals with all the Hollywood studios and television producers, don’t get the best mainstream titles fast enough, or don’t offer YouTube and other sources of user-generated video.

Not much to say except yeah, I agree. The content needs to be there. Right now it’s not, by far.

THE PROBLEM: Slow Downloads

Watching a television show or movie through some Internet video players can be an exercise in delayed gratification. Some boxes, like the Xbox 360, can begin playing videos purchased or rented online after only a few minutes, depending on the speed of a user’s broadband connection. In other cases, users often have to wait hours to watch a movie until it has fully downloaded, as with videos purchased from Amazon through TiVo’s older digital video recorders. (Newer TiVo boxes let users watch videos as they’re downloading.)

Answer this honestly. Would you wait the same amount of time you wait online if you were staring at your TV? I would not.

What are your thoughts on this topic? How long will it be before the world is watching YouTube on their TV sets in mass?

More from Ross Dawson.

YouTube Partner Status Now An Application Away

Looks like you can apply to be a YouTube partner now. Previously, you had to just wait and hope you were invited.

After a long period of soul searching, YouTube has expanded its partnership program to allow anyone in the United States and Canada to apply for acceptance. The partnership program, launched in May, allows users to earn a share of ad revenue on the site.

It’s no secret that I hope use The Daily Flip show to become a partner in a few months. I can see the potential for profits from this.

Official statement from Gootube here.

More at Techmeme.

Online Videos Convert For My Marketing Consulting Business

I just finished writing up a piece over at ReveNews about how online video converts… well. I’m sure you’re getting the point I keep driving in, over and over, and over?

Online video is where it’s at. Check out this chart.

As I said at ReveNews…

So first look at the left pie chart on the left. 59% of the people surveyed admitted to having seen a video on the Internet. Not sure what planet the “I don’t know” 14% live on.

Now to the right. Of those 59% who watched an online video…

22% requested information, 18% went to a store, 15% made a purchase, 9% signed up for a trial, 3% ordered a subscription

Would you call those conversion goals? Would you kill for those off-the-chart conversion numbers? I sure as heck would!

Let me tell you a story about video conversion. I created these five simple videos with my home camera earlier this year. I shot them in my office, with lights I bought from the Home Depot for $50.

Each short video was done without a script, in one take, and took me about 10 minutes to shoot. Here’s one of those videos.

These simple videos promoting my online marketing consulting business consistently generate about 3-5 consulting phone calls A WEEK! No advertising at all.

People are finding my videos on YouTube. Yes, I said they are searching in YouTube and finding me, and then calling me (converting). The best part is, they call me and say, “Your video talked “to” me. I watched it and immediately felt that you understand my problems and could help me, so I called.”

Powerful? I think so.

Make a video today. You won’t regret it.