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So I was saying... In 2000, I opened a fortune cookie that said "Put the data you have uncovered to beneficial use."

Now, I had opened up hundreds of fortune cookies in my time, and never once really "felt" the message. But this time was different. It just so happens that that very day at work I had changed jobs, and I was feeling uncertain about my future.

I had started as a html guru and web designer years before, and I was good at it; it was what I knew best. But I have limited design and coding talent, and I knew it, and so did my colleagues at the time. So I was asked to move into online marketing. Specifically, to tackle the search engines.

When I read the fortune cookie, I said to my wife, "this makes sense, this is what I'm supposed to do. Put the data I've been learning about the Internet into good use!!!"

It became my mantra, my driving force. Use what you know and go with it.

So I did. I crushed the search engines with my writing and html/design skills by building site after site filled with affiliate links and getting hundreds of first-place rankings on terms that actually meant something.

I then found my way to writing professionally at Clickz and Builder.com regarding affiliate marketing, web design & usability. That led me to a career at an online software firm where I helped them grow into a publicly traded firm as their Brand Manager and Director of Email Marketing.

In 2001 I found blogging and started blog after blog after blog. Since then I have participated and/or contributed to 30+ blogs across the web, having used practically every blogging software and marketing technique out there.

Today, I act as the Publisher of ReveNews, the Internet's largest and most regarded group-blog focusing on the industry of online revenue. I manage 30+ bloggers who are CEO's, web-entrepreneurs and gurus of the industry.

Where the fortune will take me next? I'm not sure. Maybe to your door?

How can I help your online business succeed?. Email me or call me. 216.272.4383.



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