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The Internet in some ways is still like the Wild West. The boundaries are wide-open, and the competition fierce. If you're going to get in the game, do it right, or don't do it at all. Take it from someone who has done it before, and failed before, it's not as easy at it looks.

Ecommerce Consulting
You have a great product right? So it's only natural you need to take it online. The question is, how?

  • What's the best shopping cart to use?
  • Do I need a merchant account?
  • What are the costs involved?
  • What's the best choice for my situation?

Yeah, it's a lot to absorb the first time. I've done it several times, across multiple solutions and setups, and I can help you get it done too.

Here are a few sites that I own and have setup.

- Photo baby birth announcements and children's birthday invitations online store.
Shopping Cart: MonsterCommerce

- Discount online pond supplies store.
Shopping Cart: Yahoo!

Best View of Cleveland.com
- Cleveland, Ohio skyline photo shop.
Shopping Cart: Paypal

How can I help your online business succeed?. Email me or call me. 216.272.4383.



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