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Do you have an idea that you think you want to take online but you're not sure if it'll work? I've seen them all, from small to large, from vapor-ware to dot-com plays. Heck, I've even tried a few myself.

Some failed, some worked, and some are still in progress. The point is, I know what you're facing, and can probably give you a good read on things like feasability, costs, projections, competition and so on.

Here are a few of my current projects and ideas.

- A network designed to help the growing blog population learn how to make money with their blogs, as well as connect with solutions and advertisers who wish to utilize the growing power of blogs.

- the Internet's largest and most regarded group-blog focusing on the industry of online revenue. I manage 30+ bloggers who are CEO's, web-entrepreneurs and gurus of the industry.

Business-Blog.com - Offering blog consulting services for businesses ready to get on the blogging bandwagon.

How can I help your online business succeed?. Email me or call me. 216.272.4383.



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