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You've come to the right place. If you have an online business that needs some help getting traffic, readers, customers, leads... whatever. I can help you figure out the best and most cost-effective way of getting it done.

Here are a few things we can do together to help your online business succeed.

Blog Consulting
Blogging is the new public relations/marketing agency. Done right, a blog can increase sales, build brand awareness and open up a discussion with your customers like never before. And a whole lot more...

I'll work with you to develop a strong blogging strategy for your business, including handling of all setup, hosting, launch and training for you or your employees.

Online Marketing Consulting
Maybe a blog is only part of your overall strategy. A proper online marketing strategy will consider every aspect of marketing online to give you the best options moving forward.

My goal is to give you a solid, budgeted online marketing strategy that you can be sure will get the most bang for your buck and reach your goals for the year and beyond.

Email Marketing Consulting
I've sent millions of email messages out over the past 4-years. All professionally designed, written, spam-checked and delivered through today's small and large email software systems. I know what you need to do.

Furthermore, if you're not capturing leads from your website then you are missing a HUGE opportunity to close more business and gain new customers. Email marketing does work if done right. Are you doing it right?

Search Engine Marketing Consulting
I know search. I've optimized thousands of pages and analyzed every search engine out there. The truth is, only a few matter, and there's really only a few simple, yet hard, things you need to do to optimize your site.

Let me take a look at your site and tell you what I see. Let me give you my opinion on what you're doing right and wrong and get you started on the path to success on the search engines. Then let's work on a plan to optimize your site to get the results you need.

How can I help your online business succeed?. Email me or call me. 216.272.4383.



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