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Need A Local Cleveland Based Web Host?

Are you a local Cleveland business or professional in need of hosting? How about hosting your website or blog on my server? Here's what I have to offer you:

  • Low cost hosting fees (call me for quote)
  • Direct tech support to me, no waiting, no trouble tickets
  • My very own dedicated high-performance server in a Class A hosting facility

Why Host With Me?
I pay hundreds of dollars a month for my own dedicated pc where I host about 50 or so of my own websites and a few for my colleagues and friends. As a professional internet marketer and web builder, I ONLY use the best hosting service available. I have room available, so why not share it?

If you host with me and you have a problem? Call me. Want a password change? Just call me. Want another email added? Give me a ring. It's that simple.

Why My Server Is Better?
When you pay a low cost for a hosting service from a local business, they are putting your website on a shared hosting environment with hundreds and hundreds of other websites. I own my own dedicated server, and you'll be only one of less than a hundred. My server is fast and reliable.

Ready to come on board my server? Let's chat about it. Email me or call me. 216.272.4383.

A few of the sites that host with me now:

My Server Stats

Required4: UPS - Power BackUp
Required1: Motherboard
Ethernet: 100Mb Primary Ethernet Card
Required7: Switched Ethernet Port
Required3: Rackspace
Required2: Power Subsystem
Required6: Case & AC/Power Supply
Processor Fan: Processor Fan
Hard Drive: 40GB EIDE
Memory: 256MB DDR RAM
Processor: (US Only) Single AMD Duron 1300 1.3 GHz

Ready to come on board my server? Let's chat about it. Email me or call me. 216.272.4383.






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