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I want to help you create a six-figure speaking business in the next 90-days.

If you have always dreamed of getting paid to speak, there's a vital reason you should begin that journey now.

Because if you begin now, in 90-days (or less) someone will be writing you a check for your passion and/or expertise.

Why did you book this call with me?


It's because you've always dreamed of speaking on stages, virtual or in-person, thus creating an impact on the lives of your audience. And getting paid to do it! Yet... you have never taken the action to follow that dream and you know that one day you're going to wake up and it will be far too late.

Do you know why The Speaker Lab has experienced close to 300% growth in the last few years since the pandemic started?


Because billions of people, from surgeons to executives, to coaches and consultants, to professors and entrepreneurs are ready to live their dreams NOW before something like 2020 happens all over again.


They ALL say to me, "Jim, if not now, then when?"


Because we are the top player in our industry, we ONLY accept students that we speak to first and have gone through our application process.


Here's a closer look at what we are looking for from our students:


1. Student is coachable to the point whey they can follow a simple, step-by-step system

2. Student demonstrates a desire to create an impact on the world, AND create an income doing so

3. Student wants to accelerate into a paid, speaking business without waiting in line like everyone else (Disney FastPass)

4. Student understands having a six-figure speaking business does not happen without effort and drive (to name just a few!)

5. Student is willing to invest his or her TIME and MONEY now to accomplish these goals


These criteria are firm so we request that if you are not ready to invest in your future that you contact me directly and cancel our call.


Because out of the 1000 or so applications we receive every month we only open up about 50-ish spots and those go to the action takers who are ready to go all-in with us. If you do meet those criteria as our potential student, we invite you to keep our upcoming call we have scheduled.


How to prepare for our 1:1 private application call?


If you have any possible interest in turning your speaking dreams into a paid reality, please prepare for our call by finding a quiet place to chat for 45-minutes or so, and be ready to take notes. We will not speak to you while you're driving or distracted in any other capacity.


This is a serious and important decision you're about to make, with implications on your life and career that we feel requires your full attention.


YOUR time is precious, and so is ours.


If you have read this letter and agree to what has been said, please text me, or call me on my personal cell phone at 216-272-4383. Or reply to this email, and tell me, “Jim, I agree!”


I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Jim Kukral 5 HR BLACK.png

Jim Kukral

The Speaker Lab Enrollment Advisor


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