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RULE # 1 - You have to read it every Sunday 

Not skim it. Not scan it. You have to read it. You can’t let it sit in your inbox and ignore it like all the other emails you get. It comes, you read it, then move on to rule number two.


RULE # 2 - You have to text me after you read it

I'm going to give you my personal phone number and you have to text me after you read it and tell me what you think, good or bad, every week. And we’re gonna have some kind of conversation about it, even if it’s just a simple, quick text exchange. But we’re gonna talk about it.

Why these rules, Jim?

Because I’m tired of creating content that I don’t get to talk with people about. This is why I stopped writing “articles” and “blogs” years and years ago. People stopped commenting. People stopped engaging. Everyone just wants to “skip” to the next thing as fast as possible. If I’m going to write something meaningful to me and spend that time and send it to you, I want to know that it’s being read. 

So that’s why this is called the Shit You Can’t Skip (SYCS) newsletter. (Mind blown!)

This is new. Nobody is doing this. Why? Because it’s kinda crazy to ask thousands of people to text you and gasp, have a conversation with you. And also because content marketing has become so one way. The back and forth is gone. Which has made it essentially meaningless and ineffective, and boring.

I don’t want to create something new if people are just going to let it sit in their inbox and not talk with me about it. I’ve done that before. How many email lists are you on where you subscribe, read it once or twice, then start ignoring it after week 2, until you finally, a year later, unsubscribe?

We all do it. But not here. Not this time. I’m going to send you content every Sunday. And you’re going to read it (hopefully you love it). And then you’re going to talk to me about it via text. And if you don’t want to do that, then no problem, hit the unsubscribe button.

This isn’t about “building a list”. Blech. Been there, done that. I don’t want an email list of thousands of people who aren’t engaged. What a waste of time, for both of us. I want to have conversations with you. I want to build a relationship with you, even if it is via text.

So why texting as a way to communicate? Because that’s all people seem comfortable doing today. We don’t pick up our phones much anymore. We ignore emails usually. We “might” leave a comment on a social media post or like something, but that’s not true engagement.

True engagement is a conversation. You and me, we’re making an agreement (right now) together where we’re going to have conversations, via text. Marketers like to talk about “engagement” as the ruling metric for success with content. But it’s all nonsense in today’s terms unless both parties agree to “engage” BEFORE the agreement is made. Then, they need to follow through with that engagement.

Otherwise, all hope is lost in the universe and a kitten goes hungry.

Still reading? Agree to the terms? Great! Go ahead and sign up below. I’ll start sending Sunday content in a few weeks. 

And no, you won’t be added to any texting email list. The number I’ll be giving out is my direct number, to me, nobody else. I will respond personally, to every single person who texts me.

Still in? Let’s go!