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Jim Kukral - Alternative Story

A lousy Christmas bonus from my boss. I mean, really lousy. That’s what it took to get me to quit my job and start my own business. Over 20-years later, and hundreds of failed ideas and a few major successes, here I am. Just a regular guy from Cleveland, Ohio who works for himself, with his own hours and lives the freedom only an entrepreneur can live.

This is the part where most of the people write how successful they are to impress you. I’m going to take a different approach below. If you want to read my professional bio, click the about link at the top of this page. 

I don’t have a multi-million dollar business with a complicated “lead funnel”. Employees? I have one, just one, who lives on the other side of the world, and he’s worked for me for ten-years and I’ve never even met him. I drive a car that I could leave the keys in it and nobody would steal it. Yeah, I can afford something nicer, but I like my beat up ride. There’s no vacation house in Hawaii to go to either so you won't be seeing photos of me on the beach in my ocean-view palatial home. 

Nope. I’m just like you probably; just a small biz owner working his butt off to live a comfortable life. 

Why would I tell you all this?

Because it’s true, and if you’re like me, you’re tired of all the gurus telling you how successful they are and showing you how much better they are than you and trying to convince you that if you just listen to them, you can be rich and famous too.

I get it. Who doesn’t want to be rich and famous?

Oh wait, I don’t. I want to be free, comfortable, and happy. Look, just because I don’t drive a Ferrari, or travel the world and stay in five-star hotels, does not mean I’m not successful, in my own way. In fact, I would absolutely consider my story a success.

And that’s the same feeling I get when I speak to small business owners and entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter if they have five employees, or 500. Most of them, if not all, struggle and have to worker harder than anyone to make success happen and sometimes keep the lights on.

Is this you? Because if so. I get you. And I want to help you understand how to keep your small business going and make it work so you can live the life you always wanted to have by building the business you always wanted.

I want to help you become… UNSKIPPABLE.

I’ve started hundreds of businesses and brands over the years. 95% of them failed, miserably. But the 5% that didn’t? Those businesses have allowed me to create a comfortable lifestyle for my family where I haven’t had a boss all that time. Like every small business owner or entrepreneur, my businesses succeed and fail based upon the idea being good enough, but mostly how hard I work on them.

Sound familiar?

Because there’s a key ingredient to building a long-term, successful small business. It's the ability to learn how to become UNSKIPPABLE

Want to learn how? I’ll show you, if you want to listen. Bring me in to speak to your staff or at your event. Or let’s simply have a conversation about your goals and dreams.