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Christian Perritt

"I recently saw Jim present at Content Marketing World, and his energy, drive, and perspective have truly inspired me and my company. If you listen to (or read) Jim, you’re guaranteed to learn something!"

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We help business owners and brands think differently about their marketing and attract lifetime customers to achieve ROI-based outcomes.


Jim Kukral, Unskippable

The World Has Become Skippable

DVR's allow us to fast-forward through the commercials. Netflix allows us to "skip" to the next episode so we don't have to wait a few seconds for it to start. Let's face it, we're now a society where we're constantly looking for the skip button. 

Attention for your brand is harder and harder to get, and keep. We have to learn how to become UNSKIPPABLE.

What Happens When You Become Unskippable?

YOU purposely attract lifetime customers

YOU make sure your brand stands high above your competition

YOU think differently, and act successfully, with your marketing

YOU perform at a higher level, with higher outcomes

YOU inspire your employees to care & believe in your brand

YOU build a brand that creates a shared belief in a buyer